Game-Changing Scrubs That Kill Bacteria

By Sushant Gupta December 29, 2021

Game-Changing Scrubs That Kill Bacteria

How Livinguard has disrupted the scrubs industry with its bacteria-killing technology.

Scrubs have been in existence for almost 100 years and while they’ve come a long way in function and fashion, little else has changed. That is, until now. Livinguard, a Swiss technology company, has developed a fabric technology that supercharges their scrubs with self-disinfecting properties, continuously.


1. Livinguard scrubs continuously kill bacteria to reduce the risk of cross-contamination from patient to patient or work to home.
Have you ever worried about what bacteria your uniform might have on it, or worse yet, what you may be carrying home or from patient to patient? In the development of our scrubs we talked with doctors and nurses from around the U.S. and bacteria cross-contamination is a serious concern. We found that healthcare practitioners take 2 or 3 extra steps to help stop spreading bacteria, like multiple changes in a shift, special laundering, and changing before coming home.

Those concerns are not unfounded. A study performed by the School of Nursing, University of Michigan, investigating the number of pathogens on nurses uniforms, demonstrated significant presence of bacteria 48  hours after a shift ended. Their conclusion: “further research and policy that address this topic is imperative to protecting patients, health care providers, and the health of the public.

Livinguard scrubs are made with EPA approved fabric with proprietary and patented technology that continuously kills 99.99% of bacteria in 10 minutes

Livinguard scrubs are first of their kind. While virtually all scrubs brands are hyper-focused on stylish looks, Livinguard scrubs offer style plus defense against bacteria and maintain a bacteria-resistant surface throughout your day. The technology is so highly effective that there is no regrowth of bacteria after 24 hours of continuous use without washing. So, you can go about your day and come home with less worry about what is unseen on your scrubs.


2. Livinguard scrubs combine the softness and wearability of cotton-blend fabric that is designed to fit you better so you can stay comfortable all day long

Designed by apparel industry experts in New York City and Switzerland, Livinguard scrubs feel great and look great all day no matter how long your shift is. We began each design with a deep understanding of healthcare professionals, challenges they face with their current scrubs and what would help them throughout the day. We heard from nurses, physicians, specialists and many others in healthcare practices about what makes a great wearing scrub.

Livinguard scrubs are made in multiple styles and colors to match your preference. Every scrub is outfitted with numerous pockets for your instruments and personal items.

 From more relaxed pieces like our classic crew-neck and v-neck tops to fitted pieces like the zip-font scrub top or jogger scrub pants, you can mix and match your favorite separates to make your own unique look.

Pockets, pockets, pockets! We heard you and designed our scrubs with enough pockets for even the most instrument-wielding healthcare professional. So go ahead and carry your tablet, cell phone, pens, instruments, and equipment – Livinguard scrubs have you covered. We even have hidden and enclosed pockets for rings and jewelry! 

3. You can trust Livinguard’s commitment to improving the health of people and our planet in all our products
At Livinguard, we live our mission! We design and manufacture technology advanced products that improve the health of people with minimal impact on the planet. We back this up with extensive testing in our facilities as well as with renown laboratories and academic universities globally. All this to ensure the safety and long-use life of our products

Livinguard scrubs with proprietary technology are hypoallergenic and non-irritating to the skin

The technology used to make Livinguard so advanced is permanently applied to the fabric so it provides disinfecting performance that doesn’t wash out. Long-lasting performance in a long-lasting scrub is better for you and the environment.

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