Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Livinguard Technology And Why Does It Work Against Viruses?

Materials treated with Livinguard trap and destroy viruses permanently

Step 1: Capture

Support materials, such as. B. Textiles that have been treated with Livinguard have around 24 billion charges per square centimeter. They act like a magnet for viruses and bacteria. The Livinguard treatment creates a positive “magnet” for the negatively charged viruses and bacteria. Upon contact, these microorganisms attach to the tissue. This step is known as trapping or "adsorption".

Step 2: Destroy

The positively charged “magnet” is stronger than the negative charge of the microorganisms, so that they give way and burst. The cell walls of bacteria and yeasts and the protein capsules or shells of viruses are destroyed and their now harmless contents escape and decompose.

Step 3: Repeat

When the microorganisms are destroyed, they lose their charge. They fall off the fabric or can be washed off. As soon as they leave their place on the material, they also release the charges to which they previously adhered. The material retains its revolutionary effect and continues to kill with the same breadth (variety of germs), effectiveness (number of germs), speed and persistence.

How Does The Technology Work From A Scientific Point Of View?

Our technologies are based on the ability of polycationic surfaces to deactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and certain types of fungus, which does not decrease even with repeated washing.

This principle has been described in scientific literature for a good 20 years. So far, however, its understanding and practical application has been limited. Livinguard has now made use of it to develop and patent an approach that represents a paradigm shift compared to conventional approaches:

1. Various methods of binding a range of cationic compounds to textiles and other surfaces.

2. A portfolio of optimized chemical processes for inactivating bacteria and viruses without the use of conventional metallic-based antimicrobials such as silver, copper, zinc etc.

3. Process to combine these with other properties such as water repellency, hydrophilicity, etc.

According to the scientific literature, the mechanism for virus inactivation is likely to be based on the destruction of the protein capsule by adsorbing negatively charged proteins onto the positively charged surface, ultimately leading to the release of non-infectious RNA.

Studies have shown that the treated material (especially the textiles tested so far) retains its properties even after repeated rinsing or washing. The fact that the antimicrobial effect does not wash off is the main reason for its long-term durability and good skin tolerance.

How Do You Know That Livinguard Technology Works Against The Harmful Viruses?

We have a number of different solutions for different types of substrates and use cases. Our EFM-7 solution has been successfully tested against all major sorts of viruses in combination with the fabrics we use for face masks. It is based on the same technology that is used in our entire range of antiviral technologies.

The effect of this basic technology is to catch and eliminate the harmful viruses that hit textiles treated with Livinguard. When tested according to ISO standard 18184, the EFM-7 solution in combination with the fabrics we use for face masks (as well as some other fabrics) showed a 99 percent reduction in viruses.

ISO 18184 is the most important international standard for testing the antiviral activity of textiles. It stipulates that the textiles must be washed ten times and then tested within two hours of contact with the virus. This protocol was not changed by the examiners. According to the protocol, the test must be completed within two hours, as the speed of the activity is crucial. However, these two hours are needed so that there is sufficient contact between viruses and textiles. The ten washes prescribed in the protocol before the test are intended to ensure the continuity of the activity and exclude a possible antiviral effect due to released chemicals.

In tests by several independent, renowned laboratories with other applications and test methods, our technology showed even greater effectiveness against various microorganisms within five minutes and after 50 washes. We are not aware of any reliable methods of demonstrating effectiveness in less than five minutes, and we have not tested the fabrics after more than 50 washes. All information on our products is based directly on the examination of the respective product.

Is The Technology Certified?

There is basically no applicable certification for the technology itself. However, you will find information on their certification on our info page for the face masks.

*Independent tests conducted at academic laboratories
*This product has not been FDA cleared or approved